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Hoisting of Machinery to Upper Level & vice versa

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In most industrial plants, heavy and bulky machinery are essential tools for production. When newly purchased machinery are to be placed on a specific location in the plant, this calls for our area of expertise.

Equipped with a team of experienced movers, we provide hoisting and maneuvering solutions for industrial plants and factories, specifically dealing with heavy and bulky machinery or industrial goods. As the plant location, surrounding terrain, and work environment vary and differ among projects, each individual project calls for a unique and customized solution. Due to the nature of our job scope, our professional movers are highly adaptive and are capable of performing well under restrictions and limitations such as accessibility of grounds and mobility of the heavy and bulky industrial goods.

One of the most challenging task in maneuvering services is the hoisting of machinery to upper level(s) and vice-versa. Backed with a full set of resources (ranging from human resources and technical expertise to hoisting devices and equipment), our work team is among the leading movers in performing this highly challenging yet fulfilling task.

To protect and ensure the safety of your cargo, we have a professional team of certified and experienced lifting supervisors, rigger and signal men to aid in the supervision of the hoisting process.

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