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Sparkling Movers Core Services

Stuffing & Unstuffing of Containers

Containers are inevitable tools for the shipping industry. As such, stuffing and un-stuffing of containers play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of your valuable cargo and goods. Safe stuffing, together with proper security of cargo in the container can prevent damages from incurring in the process of cargo transportation and handling. Un-stuffing of containers is the final step in ensuring that the cargo/goods reach the designated locations successfully without incurring unnecessary damages.

Heavy Cargo Handling

When it comes to heavy cargo, Sparkling Movers knows how to get it moved. One of our core competitive services lies in Heavy Cargo Handling, eg. heavy and bulky machinery or industrial goods. Our skilled staff with the experience and expertise will work together with customers from the early planning stages to provide economical and rational yet optimized transport, installation and setting services necessary to work ahead in the increasingly globalized business environment.

Packing & Crating Services

Sparkling Movers Pte Ltd is a one stop, full service, heavy machinery logistics company. While offering heavy machinery transportation as our core service, we too, place much emphasis and focus on details such as the Packaging & Crating of industrial products for maneuvering and transportation.

Hoisting of Machinery
to Upper Level & vice versa

In most industrial plants, heavy and bulky machinery are essential tools for production. When newly purchased machinery are to be placed on a specific location in the plant, this calls for our area of expertise.

Exhibition Cargo Handling
& Events Logistics

On-time and damage-free deliveries are the two of the most important factors in trade show and exhibitions. Here at Sparkling Movers, we have a network of exhibition and display specialists who are devoted to trade show transportation services.

Moving Services in
Cleanroom Facility

A cleanroom is a work area in which the air quality, temperature and humidity are highly regulated in order to protect sensitive equipment from contamination. Cleanrooms are important features in the production of silicon chips, hard disk drives, pharmaceutical products and food products.

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