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Heavy Cargo Handling

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When it comes to heavy cargo, Sparkling Movers knows how to get it moved. One of our core competitive services lies in Heavy Cargo Handling, eg. heavy and bulky machinery or industrial goods. Our skilled staff with the experience and expertise will work together with customers from the early planning stages to provide economical and rational yet optimized transport, installation and setting services necessary to work ahead in the increasingly globalized business environment.

Sparkling Movers provides comprehensive solutions ranging from single-unit moving of precision instruments, physical and chemical appliances, and medical equipment; to moving of plants, laboratories, and factory lines.

At Sparkling Movers, we are committed to see through the entire process of the transportation and handling of the heavy cargo, with our domain knowledge and due diligence placed on:

  • Type of cargo,
  • Surface of transport routes,
  • Floor where the object is located,
  • Static expert evidence,
  • Financial value of the moved cargo.
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